About html course

I have just completed basic html and html5 course . Is it enough for now?
Can I go for CSS?

Enough for what? Certainly not for becoming a rocket scientist, so you gotta be a bit more specific on the goal you wanna achieve ^^°

Though the short answer will be: no, propably not.
The modern internet is fluid, responsive and highly-adaptive.
Even for “static” designs, you need at least some CSS, maybe SCSS for easier writing. Bootstrap if you want to actually have something that can look good on different devices.
JavaScript if you want to create functionality of your own doing.
If you want to work in web-development, you most likely will need to understand at least one decently popular framework in the basics and this might add something like PHP to the things you should get the basics down.

I’m saying “basics” because if you wanna work there, you’ll will learn most stuff on the job. Like, yeah you could try to become a vue.js expert or whatnot on your own, but why bother? If you get a job, they have to teach you how they do things anyway, because these frameworks can get complex and there are many ways to achieve results.


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