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Hi folks! I have a laptop named Acer aspire 5 and I bought this laptop just this January of 2021 … Can anybody suggest how to maintain battery percentage (or) how to preserve it ( I’m confused about this ) Even though I saw many websites but that didn’t satisfy me … Please help in this

I assume you mean how to charge them to achieve a long lifetime?
Modern batteries don’t care. Older ones either wanted to get full load-cycles (aka fully load and then use until almost empty - because of some memory effect) or wanted to be kept somewhere around 50% (because of stress).

Either way, those were older ones. As of now, there is virtually no difference on how you treat the loading.

you mean I always charge my laptop 100 percentage and keep it under 20 percent or sometimes 30 percent and then ill charge it again and I sometimes I keep it running on ac power even when my laptop reaches 100%

is that okay or should i change the charging pattern?

You should not bother with charging patterns.

Technically it depends on the type of battery - the materials used within to store and release the charged energy.
I only half remember seeing a video on this a few years ago. The result was, the materials used nowadays degrade pretty much at the same rate, regardless of charging patterns.

Meaning: charging pattern doesn’t matter.
Load it however it fits you.

well , i have another doubt too! can i use my laptop 100% charged and using in ac power

the company(acer) said that if you charged 100% then it will automatically runs on AC

Ofcourse it will run on AC if the battery is 100% charged and AC is supplied.
Even if the battery is not 100%, as long as AC is supplied, it should try running on AC.

The battery can only be EITHER charging OR discharging - it cannot do both at the same time. And it’s lifetime is shortened whenever it is used. So if AC is supplied, the laptop should run on AC and use whatever excess energy the AC delivers to also charge the battery. Point of a battery is to supply power if there is no AC connected. So if an AC is connected, the battery should not be used.

I cleared my doubts on this … thank you so much to make me understand

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