About my Career as a Software Engineer

Hey guys,

I have been studying coding for almost 2 years now, it’s been 1 year I decided to work on my online brand to actually have more chances to land a job and also with the purpose to document my journey.

I have been doing a lot of things, blog posts, youtube videos, posts on social media, personal projects on Github & contributing to open source, I was able to land some projects on Upwork and right now I have a remote job as a Front-end Engineer.

I want some advice about how I’m doing this stuff online, I feel like some stuff I do it’s not perfect but I still try to get something out there because I’m mainly learning.

I want to know what’s your perception on me when you visit those profiles, I want some feedback on what I am possibly doing wrong, what I should invest in etc.

So, no hard feeling at all, leave it all out, what do you think of myself? :eyes:

ps, if possible, please visit all the links. I really need feedback on what to improve, what you like about what I’m doing etc. It’s really hard to realize something when doing this stuff all alone. :no_good_woman:t4:‍♀

Personal Website: http://lupuselit.me/

Medium: https://medium.com/@lupuselit

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lupuselit/

Upwork profile: https://www.upwork.com/fl/emersonlopes4

Github: https://github.com/lupuselit

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lupuselit

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lupuselit/

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmBGPt_yWzwheX7VS2Rhsyw?view_as=subscriber


This welcome part of your portfolio:


I'm an undergraduate student in Computer Information Systems who loves the web .

Is hard to read because of small font and bad color choices. That leaves bad impression considering that your next section states “extensive experience building high-quality web apps and elegant websites”.

Whole site looks professional, but it also looks just like hundreds of other portfolios or even templates. It will not leave a bad impression, but it will not leave “oh, this looks nice” impression either.

If not total rework, at the very least I would tone down background section of Hello-thanks to be not that white, or even giving it subtle color. Full white color is generally bad idea, specially in places where it is mostly empty, I would at least make it 90%.

You also have cases of “necro code” in actual online product like portfolio, which is not good sign as well. It is ok if you leave it in your work-in-progress stuff or backups, but if you leave it in actual production it can give bad impression.

In general I would say that your personal site, just like sites of many others out there, lacks personality that would tell your employer that you can be creative and not just copy paste. It is not really a problem in most cases, but improving it would not be pointless, because if you trigger “oh I remember site of X person” in memory of potential employer that would be win for you, compared to current one, where there are no issues to spot overall, but anyone visiting it will forget about it in next 30 minutes.

I would improve the designs of your personal projects.