About my Technical documentation page

Hello, Everyone, this is my technical documentation page for free code camp responsive web design certification. please have a look and if you have any suggestion I would be great to know that.


Looks Good , everything is fine …
Happy Coding

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The navbar doesn’t stay on the left side of the screen when the screen shrinks slightly and is failing test #14

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Comic Sans is poor font choice; colors don’t work too well together. Layout seems fine.

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The font-family is cursive, which for some reason defaults to Comic Sans on Windows (not sure why — there’s nothing cursive about Comic Sans).

With that said, Comic Sans at least has decent readability, which most truly cursive fonts don’t, especially when used for body text.

Here’s how it looks on Android:

The most common use case for technical documentation is quickly skimming through large amounts of information to find what you need, so optimizing for readability is important.


Thx :smile: Well, should he/she switch to something like sans-serif?

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It works fine in the desktop but i couldnt figure out what is the problems when opening it from the small devices.