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Hello sir. Thank you for giving your precious time to read my concern.

Hey there! i am a coding student and i am currently learning js frameworks. i searched on google and found that the salary for a javascript developer IN INDIA is just 200,000 INR /annum (that’s basically indian rupees and that will be approx $2666 dollars). so less. why programmers are paid so less or is it just india who gets less salary in programming jobs. i’m a kid of 13. i know i shouldn’t think about it now but programmers are paid so less in the country which i live (India). so why do i learn all these and continue on the way to programming? my goal is atleast $60000(JUST MINIMUM) or even more than that max upto $120000. But, see in india - $2666. What is the point then? shouldn’t i go for a different field? i’ve just seen on google. But tell me is it true, that people in india recieve less salary in IT field? I"m thinking of changing my career. My question here is just simple - can you not earn much through programming or programming jobs?

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there is a different cost of life

look at rents, house prices,
groceries, and anything else, like I visited a random website and it showed 25000INR as monthly rent (and it was the highest one I saw in that page), that’s about 350$ - there are places in USA where 2000$ (150000INR) monthly or more is the norm
USA is terribly expensive even from my point of view, just not look at their salaries without seeing everything else


When I search I see the average salary as over 600k, putting it above $8k. According to this site, adjusting for COL, that’s a pretty good wage, your money going 5 times as far in Bangalore than it does in San Francisco. True, it’s not great, but you can live. And (like the US), you can probably save by not living in a big city and/or sharing an apartment.

You can’t compare what an INR buys you in other countries. What does it buy you in India? Yes, sometimes you can benefit from the arbitrage by making wage in one country but living in another, but that is icing on the cake. From what I can see, 100k INR is still a decent wage.

Developers are paid less in India (or any country) for a variety of reasons. A big one is COL, which is much, much lower in India. A big factor is also supply and demand - there maybe be more developers than jobs, causing a drop in salary. But from what I can see, you can make a very good wage being a developer in India. And if you develop your skills and experience, you may be able to parlay that into an international job, either working remotely or in some cases getting sponsored to move to that country.


When looking at programming salaries it is also really important to remember that there are a lot of different kinds of programming jobs. Sometimes you may be seeing categories that include things like just updating a website every once in a while or doing basic maintenance for code that is no longer under active development. There are a lot of factors at play and getting a complete picture means doing a lot more research.

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here i am a kid with dreams and this is annual income we’re talking about. 100k is not a decent wage at all in india. it’s considered very poor. honestly, in such a great field like programming, i’m surprised that it is not a good wage career.

Today, where I live, entry level is $45k+. A recent graduate (BS in Biomedical Science) with 1 yr experience in IT, started her first job in Big Data, at $140k, lives in Texas. I have an acquaintance that lives in San Francisco, making $180k.

Who makes the best living?

You need to do some research before you can answer that. The cost of living differences can make 180k seem like 75k, can make 140k seem like 250k, and can make $45k seem like $100k. It’s really all dependent on what it actually costs you to live. To get a real idea on what you want to make, start tracking all your (you and your family) household expenses. Find out what you all spend in a month. That’s where you start. Because unless you are planning on coming to the US, pining over what a programmer here makes is like me pining over the salary of an NBA player. Unless I put in the work, effort and time to get there, it’s not going to happen.

BTW, you’re 13. These numbers won’t mean anything when you’re 20.


everywhere i search, everywhere i mention this topic to people, they mostly have just one thing to answer. Living differences. That won’t matter at all. Living difference won’t (for me). Let’s please just put aside the living differences and accept that you can 't become a millionare or billionare by programming.

I know living differences kinda matters but can’t we just put it aside for this topic?
Let’s just exclude it for now and i know most people have nothing to say then… well then i’ll just continue learning and decide it when i grow up.

It’s a skilled job with variable salaries for different skill levels and positition, same as other skilled jobs. Most jobs you don’t become a millionaire or a billionaire, why do you think programming is any different? It’s not a get rich quick scheme, same as becoming an account or a electrician or a teacher isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You might start a business that is based on some part of programming that makes you rich, but being a programmer on its own is on average just a relatively well-paid job.

If that is true, then in India, there is a glut of relatively low-skilled work involving the programming language JavaScript. That doesn’t tell you anything about average programmer salaries though. The takeaway is that, at this present moment in time, a specific type of programming job is low paid.

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