About responsive web design project


I am learning responsive web design now and start working on my first project. I just wondering how is your guys approach in those project? fork the sample project and modify? recreate the same layout from scratch? or create whatever layout? let me know how you guys think.


Hey @cktai,

For the projects, you are supposed to fork the pen that they gave you on the challenge:

You’re expected to create a website from scratch following the user stories. You can design everything to your liking, just make sure you pass all the user stories/tests. You can make it look like the sample project, or to whatever your imagination can think of. Think big and wild!!

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Thanks for your reply. I feel like this is a big jump in skills, in terms of the difference between doing all those little coding practice and the final big project. How do you code from scratch? do you guys constantly refer back to the tutorial solving problems? what is the best approach? thx.


Read-Search-Ask all the way

you can refer back to the curriculum or you can google the stuff you do not remember

doing the projects is the part that makes sure you learn this stuff

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