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<form id=survey-form>
 <label for="name"><p>Name </p><input id="name", required placeholder="Username"></label>
 <label for="email">Email <br><input id="email", type="email" required="email" placeholder="Enter your Email"></label>
 <label for="age"<p>Age</p><input id="number" type="number" required="number" min=50 max=18 placeholder="Enter your number"></label><br>

``` I keep getting a #name-label not define error. Can someone help me out?[quote="korlin, post:22, topic:325202, full:true"]


<input id=“email”, type=“email” required=“email” placeholder=“Enter your Email”>

<label for="age"



This is from the survey form project.

i submitted the wrong urls in responsive web design certification. what should i do to reset this and submit correct one?

Just paste the new urls in the box and submit. You’re good.