About the cloud9

I do not know why the captcha doesn’t appear. In the first time I sign up, it appear. But when I come to this page second time, because in the first time I input an error information, it does not appear

I’m going to make a few guesses based on what I’m seeing.

This looks like the captcha is being blocked. The wording of that captcha sounds like the Google captcha (the one where you pick the correct images).

I’ve also seen this same kind of error during my time in China. A lot of “western” websites use Google services… which end up breaking for me.

Are you currently in a country that “doesn’t like” Google too? If you are, it’s that.

Thank you for your reply. The captcha is being block,and I have solve this problem.I am indeed in China.
But there is another problem,just like this picture. They sent me a message : gateway rejected: cvv. I think it is about my visa card. But when I consulted the bank, they said the card is Ok. I have send message to the employee of cloud9. But they do not reply.Indeed, I want to know whether I could use other IDE, if finally I still can not sign up an account in cloud9.

The cvv is that magical 3 digit number on the back of your card.

And yes, you could absolutely use a different set up (including building locally using your favourite text editor).

The only things you must do to complete the challenge are post it somewhere where it can be viewed live (your personal website, github pages if it’s just html/css/js, heroku/digitalocean if you need to run a server like express) and make the code available for review (done by pushing to github, bitbucket, or other).

Have fun.