About the first project of the course

Guys I only built the html page for the survey form but I didnt touch the css code although it passed and accepted it should i go back and finish the CSS page or its ok ?

If you have passed all of the user stories and completed the project successfully then it is entirely up to you what else you choose to do with it. If you do the bare minimum required to pass all of the projects, you’ll still earn your certification.

However, you’ll learn more from fleshing it out and giving it your own personal touch. It will also look better to prospective employers, if you’re wanting to build up a portfolio of work to show what you can do.

thank you for ur fast answer I really appreciate it , about the css if i want to add an image to the background should i just put the link of it from google or i am able to upload it directly from the computer

When you’re working on the FCC courses online (instead of local storage), you can only add images using URLs from Google or image hosting sites etc.

When you start to develop projects locally on your own machine, best practice is to store your images locally in your project folder and link to them directly.

THANK YOU so muchhhh for your help mate(:

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