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best way to become a web developer?

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please try to watch the video before making a post they are really helpful and give u the answer step by step.

Hello coders,
please i need a brief explanation about the project.
I am through with the first 2 project moving to the third before i realized it. I make my project looks like the the original one.
I am a bit confused, is it to look like the original one or i should give it my design? with the same html and css design used in the original.
Please I need a quick clarification.

i am new here thats why dont how to start html and css or other and which one be my first step ?

i need help the image in css does not appear in background

header .logo a {
    background-image: url("images/logo.png");
    background-size: 300px;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    display: inline-block;
    height: 80px;
    text-indent: -9999999px;
    width: 300px;

can any body solve this problem i'cant get it please help me

please how do i add main to parent my 2 p because i have tried all hints even video but no avail

Hi, I need help on the section: Link to internal element sections of a page with Anchor elements.
I m trying to what a video in the get help area , " but is no video" can any one help me?? thanks.

How tf I pass through that challange

What’s a good book to study after completing the HTML-CSS tutorial?, i feel like a need to go through a book or a course to fully grasp the concepts here.

@modafalla the best way i think is to practice what you learned it’s more effective than reading if you feel that you get all the thing that you learned and understand how it works go to the search bar and look for more tutorials they have many nice tricks to make your work more clean

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Hi,please help me when i put the color blue to turn all my h2 in color blue and i run the text it still shows that am wrong

Good day, please I’m new in web designing. I tried several times to add id to footer but it just refuse any editing on my phone. Please what should I do?

First of all, thank you for this great website.
second I have two questions,
1- " how I post on the forum? who I should send my questions?

2- How can I deal with this page? it’s my first project.


every time I press “run tests” it gives me this msg :

#mocha div missing, add it to your document

@abdadiamaljrushi, some answers;
1 - You just posted on one of the forums. There are a few and depending on your question, that’s the forum you’d post to. For instance, if you’re just starting the RWD course and have a question/problem with one of the lesson you click on the Ask for Help button. That will post in the HTML-CSS forum. If you’re working on one of the projects and have a question you can ask in the ‘Cerfification Projects’. If you’ve completed one of the projects and would like feedback from the community then you can post in the ‘Project Feedback’ forum. Look around and you’ll get a feel as to what each of the forums is for.

2 - This is a problem that it seems many people here have had. If you search the forum for “mocha div missing” you will find many posts and many solutions. One of them is that you have to add codepen.io to the list of allowed third-party website cookies.

As an aside, the link you posted is the one for FCC’s pen. You would copy the URL from your project in codepen and post that link.

Welcome to the forums and happy coding.

Dear Quincy and others in this forum. I have recently completed the CSS course. Though I still have to learn Grid and Flexbox, I can already create small design, not an entire website though.I want to let you know that when I am creating a table or a navigation bar, I have to look up the search engines to find how to write the CSS code and then I tweak the code from internet to build my own design. In one way,you can say, I am reusing codes written by others. I am now scared about my career and future. Am I doing it the correct way? Will I be allowed to use search engines to search for CSS snippets during job interviews?

hey i started coding for past 2 days i passed the starting 10 tasks but after that even passing the further tasks my completion percentage is stuck at 36%.So why is this happening

May be your internet connection is weak. When my wifi connection goes off while I am submitting a solution, I get a message in blue above the screen that they can’t connect to the server. You need to check with the internet connection.

Is bootstrap really necessary? I always like creating projects from complete scratch, never using any skeletons to help. I am new to web development, but have an extremely good understanding of it, me being a hacker. But believe it or not, i have never heard of this.

the most likely reason is your browser, what do you use?

i want to add an intereactive menu in my html page ,how can i get a interactive menu?

	<style type="text/css">
			position: fixed;
			border:1px solid red;
            height: 500px;
           overflow: auto;
		ul{list-style-type: none;

		li{ display:inline;
			width: 60px;
			text-align: center;
			border-color: blue;
			border-style: solid;
			font-weight: bold;

<div class="box">
	<h1>Hy hobbies</h1>
	<li>Web Design</li>
	Computer use is increasing in most fields of endeavor. Computing costs have
decreased dramatically due to rapid developments in both hardware and software technologies. Computers that might have filled large rooms and cost millions of dollars a few
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dollars each. Those large computers were called mainframes and current versions are
widely used today in business, government and industry. Fortunately, silicon is one of the
most abundant materials on earth—it’s an ingredient in common sand. Silicon chip technology has made computing so economical that more than a billion general-purpose computers are in use worldwide, helping people in business, industry and government, and in
their personal lives.
Over the years, many programmers learned the programming methodology called
structured programming. You’ll learn structured programming and an exciting newer
methodology, object-oriented programming. Why do we teach both? Object orientation
is the key programming methodology used by programmers today. You’ll create and work
with many software objects in this text. You’ll discover, however, that their internal structure is often built using structured-programming techniques. Also, the logic of manipulating objects is occasionally expressed with structured programming.
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