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hey guys i m new to coding. will u plz tell me about certifications and interships


Hey there…
how can i add blur effect to my overlay. I am having this sidebar. i want the background to be blurred when the sidebar is active… please help


I am doing Basic HTML and HTML5: Introduction to HTML5 Elements and I can’t get the part where you take a main part and wrap it up. What do I do?



I am kinda stuck on one of the tasks, if anyone can help would be much appreciated, I am stuck on this bit of code, not sure what it wants me to do heres a screenshot? Thank you.


hi.please help me with this challenge,

thank you.

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Place your <input> tag between <form>....</form> not inside the “<form>”, so delete that input text inside the <form>

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thanks for the reply but i didn;t understand it.please give some more hint.thanks,

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In the hint, it says to “Nest your text input element within a form element”, so a form element means this "<form></form>" , and it says to put within the form element so, make the "<input>" appear between the “form” tag, like this,

<form action=""><input type=""></form>


thanks for your help.

how to add images from the system in html

|    |
|    |__image.png
In your index.html file call the correct path of image using , 

<img src="images-folder/image.png" alt="some text">
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you wrote freecatphotoapp



correction… http://freecatphotoapp.com

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because it’s not white.

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Hello team i need some help

I am abit confused here

hi! your form tag has an action attridute which is set to submit-cst-photo

<form action="submit-cat-photo">
Your code here!

I am just beginer in HTML .plz can anyone help me and tell me how to start with basics?

Hello Guys ,
I’m here to ask a question regarding the challenge of
Basic CSS: Import a Google Font
in this excercise

  1. Import the Lobster font.
  2. Your h2 element should use the font Lobster.
  3. Use an h2 CSS selector to change the font.
  4. Your p element should still use the font monospace.

explain me the no. 3 of this question

help me to find error…

It says that h2 must be used as a CSS selector rather than using a class name to the
<h2 class="className"></h2> and calling the class to apply the font, in the sense it should be like this,

h2 {

not like this,

.className {

Thnx but its not working .
saying same error…
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