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I am trying to create the P element I don’t thing got it correct .
plz can someone help me
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<h1>Hello World</h1>

<p1>Hello Paragraph</p1>

<p>Hello Paragraph</p>

<p2>The quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog</p2>

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Challenge: Inform with the Paragraph Element

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I don’t know how to create a closing tag for the P element

That line is correct. You have an opening and closing p tag and you’ve got text in between them. That makes it a p element.

There are no such tags as <p1> and <p2>. It’s always just <p>
It looks like you deleted the h2 element that was there. Reset the lesson and do it again.

Edit: As an aside, the h in h1 and h2 stands for header. There are six of them and they are of varying sizes. You’ll see this in a forthcoming lesson.