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Let me thank’s you first for your nice tutorial
So i have follow the course about the menujs (https://youtu.be/3PHXvlpOkf4) and every things works perfect except the fact that i 'm trying to change the name of the breakfast category in the js file and html file into french .
The french name for breakfast is( petit dejeune)r with a space in between the two words . I have tried a fwe things like concatenate . I’am not an expert in javascript so i shall need your advice on how to put a space in between those two words. I really tried out hard to find a solution but i come to an end, it is too stong for me. At the moment i leave it like that (petit-dejeuner) but this is not proper french.

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'petit  ' + 'dejeuner' / / i left a space after petit
 'petit \t  dejeuner'

//tried that also
const newLocal = 'petit ' + 'dejeuner';
// items
const menu = [
    id: 1,
    title: 'buttermilk pancakes',
    category: newLocal,
    price: 15.99,
    img: './images/item-1.jpeg',
    desc: `I'm baby woke mlkshk wolf bitters live-edge blue bottle, hammock freegan copper mug whatever cold-pressed `,

//and change in the html file


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const newLocal = ‘petit dejenuer’

If you need to concatenate variables you can you this syntax

const newLocal = ${petit} ${dejenuer}//with backticks

hello Amalia, thank’s for your quick reply but i just wonder how to implant this new constant into this particuliar script
Would you have a look to that script menu (https://github.com/john-smilga/javascript-basic-projects number 8 (menu). This is a vey nice tip and as i wrote in my previous post the tuto from that script was on the YouTube channel