About the project "Personal Portfolio" and the certification

Hi there fellow campers!

For matters of certification, would it be wrong to use a free portfolio template as a base to build my own? I’ve one in mind that I’ve used already and it is on my Personal Portfolio pen, where I’m still working on it. I really like how the template looks and I wouldn’t change much there. Except for the need to include my own info there, I would change only the size of the content, one color and make sure that all requirements were met to pass the test.

I’m worried about “plagiarism”, where I like the template and I’m really interested in using it! But it will corroborate for an issue in my certification, I can do something more simple and use the template elsewhere.

Thanks for your time!

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This is just my personal perspective, but I would not consider that acceptable. If all you’re doing is changing a font size and color, then you didn’t build it. Sure, if you like a template and want to use it as a portfolio that you share with others go ahead and do so. I don’t consider that to be completing the given assignment though.

“Am I cheating” is a good question, and it’s one that many campers have already asked on the forums. Please see this topic for an in-depth discussion, and a quick search will bring up a wealth of other topics from your peers. Please feel free to contribute to any of those.

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Part of a portfolio is seeing what you can do. And if you use a template…it will tell employers you use templates. May or may not have an impact on the opportunity.

As for this though, the point is that you are learning to create things…not using other’s code.

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Got it! But I wasn’t really going to copy’paste, I was going to reproduce it, because it looks like the sample project, but with other colors and style. I really like the “one page” style, just like the sample project, so I was looking for ideas to help me create my own version and I didn’t saw anything too different from each other. I mean, in general we have the Welcome section, we have the Portfolio section (that looks like a showcase where u click on each ‘project’ to take a look), we have some kind of contact info there, maybe with buttons/links to social media or even to send us an email. In some cases we have a contact form as well. Of course we do have other great works outta there that looks a lot better than the simple theme I’m trying to talk about, but if this test project is expected to be “simpler” and I really want to finish all the other modules, right now wouldn’t be a good idea to invest my time on animations in CSS, so keeping it on the basics from the Responsive Web Design module (CSS Grid, Flex Box, etc.) would be better, am I right?

I know that bootstrap helps a lot and I would like to use it, but if it turns out a no-no for the certification, I can avoid the use.

If you are just talking about emulating the style, go for it. From your original post, I thought that you were planning on using code provided by a template.

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No, no! That is why I said it would be used as a base.

Anyway, I ended reproducing less content from the template than what I wish I had. At least the page passes all requirements for the test, so, when the time comes and I create a Portfolio for real, I will try to remember about this template and what I liked in it.

Tnx Ariel!

Congrats on finishing the project. Many campers keep coming back to their portfolios and improving it as they learn more about web programming. Usually when people talk about “using a template” they mean that they are going to take code written by someone else and then just add their own content on top of it. This is not cool. On the other hand, this isn’t a graphic design curriculum, so just looking at the end result of another page and trying to make something that looks the same with your own code is totally acceptable.

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