About the projects works here

I think there should be a detection option to tell the challenges one has done right or wrong, perhaps with lil hints to solve them, so no one will rely heavily on any one else for help.

I believe the greatest challenge of mankind is knowing what to do at a given time, no one knows anything coming to this world we all here to learn and solve problems…

I am very grateful to FREECODECAMP for their help, support and resources they put in place here, if U guys only know how U helping lives and getting people out of illiteracy and poverty, if U only know… I owe U all my life and i will do all i can to support FREECODECAMP in the near future, it’s a must… Thank U all for your love and effort, i appreciate and i will never forget.

There is the “Get a hint” section, in most challenges it works. You can open it in a separated window with reduced height so you can read only one line at a time
Or you will also receive hints asking here in the forum

It helps greatly, thanks a lot!