About to finish Front-End Certificate, how to find a job?

Hi guys,
I studied programming at university and I have been working as a software developer for a couple of years. I was looking for finding a job abroad preferably at Canada or USA (I live in Egypt now). I am about to finish Front-End Certificate, what should I do next? I want to start looking for a job. How can I do this?
Your help will be much appreciated please.


I would try building a resume with projects from my portfolio. Also, posting some projects on GitHub might be helpful as well. Some jobs offer a relocation package as well, since your moving from Egypt that might be a nice benefit for you. After you have your portfolio and GitHub ready you can start applying for jobs. Creating a LinkedIn might also help you in your job search. Good luck, I hope you find the job that you are searching for.

Hello all. In my experience EVERYTHING is who you know and who knows you. I would argue that’s every bit as important as skill in any endeavour. I have no experience in working abroad, so this may not apply? I did feel compelled to share that wisdom I’ve learned in my nearly 33 years in the workforce.

Thank you very much for the advice. I have an up-to-date profile on LinkedIn. I do not own the source code I wrote and I cannot post it on GitHub. Also, most of my work are not available for public use, so my portfolio does not have a lot.
All the best.

Thank you very much for your advice. So it is all about connections. Unfortunately this is not available for me if I am searching for a job abroad.
All the best.

Don’t be so sure. For example: say you want to work at LinkedIn in Omaha where I am. I don’t work at LinkedIn but my mentor does. Say we work together on our training and I get to be friends with you. I cant help you but my mentor may. I introduce you to him. You and he get to know ow each other and maybe he helps you from there. See what I mean? Distance does not mean what ithe did years ago. You and I are communicating, yes? Not possible that many years ago. Keep the faith brother!

I feel like it is about connections but just because you don’t have connections doesn’t mean your chances of getting hired are none. You could still get hired if you have a good portfolio and can show employers you know what you are doing. Connections can help get you in the door faster and easier, but if I was an employer and someone came to me with no projects and no experience and I know them, compared to someone who came to me with some kind of working knowledge that they can get the job done. Then I would hire that person more than the person who I “know.” So it all depends really…

Try making new projects from FreeCodeCamp or other sites. In most cases, employers make a hire so that their job is easier. So if you can show that you have knowledge of technologies that are commonly used, I won’t have to waste all this time and money training you(from a employers mind set). Since you said you are moving to the US or Canada, try to see what areas hire a large amount of programmers. I can tell you that I live in L.A and we hire a moderate amount. Silicon Valley is a great place. Washington(the state) and the District of Columbia(D.C) also have a large hiring rate. Many others places as well, I just can’t fit them on this list. Good luck and Happy Coding!

I am very sorry I could not reply any earlier. I see your point and I agree with you. I am working on technical stuff now and hope to expand my circle of connections. Thank you very much.

Sorry I could not reply any earlier. I am working on technical stuff so that I can have a good portfolio as you mentioned. Thank you very much.

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You’ve been learning to code for 2-3 years now based on posts in other forums…were you ever able to get a job? Are you still trying to find a job in this field?