About to start applying for jobs

Hello everyone,
I’ve been learning Front End since May 2020 and I’m about to start applying for jobs.
Could anyone give me some feedback on my Portfolio? I know it is incomplete and the project ideas are not original, I have a hard time coming up with my own ideas some times.

  1. I want to swap the “Dice Game” project for a cloned website. Like Apple or Amazon, not interactive, but to show I know how to follow designing instructions.
  2. I’m going to add pagination to the Yelp API app as well, and direct users to the restaurant’s website when they click on the card.
  3. I’m going to add the option to listen to music samples, and change a bit of the design of the website.

Please let me know what you guys think. All criticism is welcome. I’m eager to learn and to do a better job.

Thanks for your time!

Edit: fixing spelling mistakes.

I’m getting a 403 on the yelp app?

Yeah I would replace the dice game anything that uses a random number generator is too simple… love calculators, quote machines etc, they just look a bit beginner,

I would recommend using a css library, e.g.

I would talk more about your computer science qualification in your cv - what did you do and what did you learn? And also focus on building one big project that you’re proud of and can talk about in detail… spend a few weeks or months on it and do something original.

Even if I don’t know what the “Yelp app” exactly is, I read about it so much on FCC, Twitter etc. If you copy tutorials, you should at least change the name and give it your own spin.

If the tutorial uses class components, you could use functional components.
If the tutorial uses MaterialUI, you could use Chakra or Tailwind.
If the tutorial uses vanilla React, you could use NextJS.

I mean alright you can copy what an instructor tells you to copy. Don’t know if this qualifies for getting a job.

I get a 404 when I try to visit the page but I can still give you some advice just based off your comment:

In my opinion you don’t need to be original in your portfolio. As a developer who works for someone else you’re job is to implement features that have already been decided on by someone else. Most likely designed by someone else too.

You just have to worry about how to build an idea, not come up with it.

What’s far more important than being original is being complete. Treat your projects like they’re paid gigs. Don’t leave things undone or messy. Even in a small, simple app there are a million things you can improve about the code quality, the structure, the performance, the responsiveness, and even the dev experience.

One thing to focus on is making your apps a good experience for other developers to contribute to, since this is what working a real job will be; using Git well, having good documentation and setup instructions, automating deployments and maybe having tests. Your app doesn’t have to be original or complicated to showcase those skills!

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve decided to take a step back and redo my whole thing. I deleted those repositories and I’m “starting fresh”. Doing HTML and CSS single page websites. I’m getting more used to Bootstrap and getting to know a bit more about Back-End. I saw a post here about a dude that his 1st job is as a Full Stack Developer just a few weeks ago, and I took inspiration on that. I’m doing freeCodeCamp’s challenges (at least 1 a day) and filling my gitHub with them. Of course, I’m doing my own thing, the idea is the same, but the design and approach are my own.

I work as a Tax Preparer at the moment, and Tax Season ends on April 15th. By then I should have a lot more projects done and better quality too. I’ll keep you guys posted if you’re interested.

I didn’t have anyone to give me feedback on what I was doing, but this here opened my eyes to the fact that I have a lot more to apply. I’ve seen AMAZING projects here that make the ones I’ve built look like dirt, and I’m not the kind of guy that likes to be left behind. I gotta catch up!

Again, thanks for the feedback and… Back to coding!

Thank you for the feedback!
I decided to start from scratch.
Reviewing and redoing things I’ve learned. Noticed that a lot of topics still feel new to me, even though I’m familiar with them.
I deleted those projects and now I’m learning with freeCodeCamp challenges.

I’ll keep working on them until April 15th (last day of Tax Season, since I’m a Tax Preparer); by then I will know better what I’m doing.

Thank you so much for those words! I really appreciate them!
I’m redoing my whole portfolio at the moment.
I will not leave unfinished projects anymore. Even when I look see that “I’m done” with a project, I will starting looking back at it and trying to apply a few improvements or features to them.
My last portfolio was responsive, had a CV page, projects (that needed improvement), but the Contact Me button didn’t work like it was supposed to.
The new one will be 100% functional, with a few animations and more interactive.

I made a goal: I work as a Tax Preparer at the moment and Tax Season end in April 15th. I will work on projects everyday until then.

I’ve seen some projects here and I realize I gotta step up my game.

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That’s fantastic, I think you’ve got some good skills already by the looks of it, the “entry-level” job market is just so competitive that your projects have to be hyper polished to get an interview,

It’s achievable though, I started my first dev job two weeks ago, had been learning/building for 1.5-2 years prior to that, 1 of those years learning / building full time, prior to july 2019 I had never written a line of code

This is the project I’m most proud of, I made this after completing 7 fcc certs and tried to put everything I had learned into one project:


Good luck sounds more like a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’