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Hello World!
After a couple of iterations, I think I have my MVP or minimal viable product (portfolio) to start job hunting, please let me know what you think, specially if you see a typo.



You need to work on the UI a bit. The first thing I see when the page loads are those Code and Live buttons not vertically aligning the same. I suggest making them “fixed” from the bottom, so they are always the same distance from the bottom.

On your resume, you need to have links directly to the projects.

Also on your resume, I suggest quantifying the work experience a bit more.

Provided part-time logistics support and developed workflow documentation to help the onboarding processes to the Imports Analyst position at Otis McAllister

You should try to quantify how the work you did “helped” the onboarding process. Was the connect rate higher? If so, how much higher?

Streamlined the workflow of the product development team by improving cross-functional communication and completing two major projects with a value of over 4M consisting of more than 15 new products over a period of 6 months.

Again, can you quantify the improvement made here?

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Thanks Randell for being so trough, I have being working on the portfolio, polishing the displayed projects and resume that I overlook that.

I’ll revise those 3 things, thank you very much again

Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico?

Looks nice.

I would add links to the top of the page that jump down to the specific areas they link to, like “projects” and “skills”.

In mobile mode, the content seems to be off-center and pushes up against the right side of the screen.

Hi there,

your mini bento project links to the doggo select API. (double check your links?)

also I think a “live” link to your portfolio site is redundant. (I am already on the page so I don’t need a live link).

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Yep, born and raised tapatía

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I thought about adding a menu like that but I think my page is too short to be a UX improvement…then again maybe for mobile makes sense.

Could you tell me if you’re using Android to see the mobile version? It works on IPhone/safari iOS 13.2.3 & Chrome

About the links at the top, mostly I would add them because they seem to be an industry standard and they advertise that there is something more to the page than just what shows up in their viewport. Some visitors may need their hands held.

As for my comments on mobile responsiveness, I just looked at Chrome Developer tools again, but on my laptop this time, and the issues I mentioned aren’t there, so it seems to have been an issue on my end.

Anyway, good luck. I’m sure you’ll find a job if you apply aggressively.

The four in a row website doesn’t seem to work, at least on firefox. Also it’d be nice to see a small intro to how to use it, should I click in the red piece? Where I want it to land? The user is kinda clueless once she enters the website.

Also, and this is just a matter of personal taste, I’d center the text of the ‘About’ section.

Great work and best wishes on your job hunting!

My suggestion is to give the project section a header and to scale down a bit the photo-containers. You could also make the buttons hidden, leaving in the card only the project name and maybe a brief description and showing the buttons only when the user hover over.

Something like this:
Card Example

You could also feature more your area, i think the “web developer” is a little too small compared to your name.

PS: Sorry if i’ve made some grammatical mistakes, it is not my main language, but i am working on it.

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