About upcoming content on fcc

When can we expect the new topics like internet of things to arrive on fcc?

When it’s stable. Beta testers are still finding bugs and the last thing the team will want to do is destabilize the production site by pushing updates too early. You can find further explanation (and other information about the beta site in this forum thread:

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I checked out the beta version but there are no tutorials on Internet of things.I appreciate all the work that the fcc team is putting into all this and learning here is great :smile: but i just want to know if there would be an Internet of things course or not as i am really interested in it :slight_smile: @ArielLeslie

I am not sure if all the topics that are mentioned as upcoming in the current curriculum, but not included in the beta, will still be added at some point.

If they will still be added, it may take quite some time, since getting the beta version bug free is top priority.