About video which is not working

I’m working on javascript but it didn’t show the video for every challenge I’m getting into … What’s the problem? can anyone t

ell ?!

Can you give us the challenge link?

yeah! i will give it rn

Learn Basic JavaScript: Understanding Undefined Value returned from a Function | freeCodeCamp.org

The video is working on my end.

Maybe there is an issue with your browser?

As you move further into the curriculum, the videos will start to appear less.

You can find the full basic javascript course on the FCC youtube channel

why does it appear less?

The javasript course is quite lengthy which would require a lot of hours in videos.

FCC only recorded the basic javascript lessons and es6 section.

For the other sections, you can find videos by other developers doing the lessons on youtube.

You can also ask the forum for help

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okay :grinning: Thanks for the help

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