Absolute beginner looking for some feedback

Hey. I’m an absolute beginner and I’ve been trying to learn this stuff for about a week. I had posted earlier, but it had some inappropriate content, and was removed. So, I changed all that and this is me posting again. Hopefully, one of you gets some time to take a look at this. If you do please give me some pointers. Since, this is like my very first attempt, I don’t know if I’m doing anything right. I’d really appreciate some feedback.


Thank you. Stay safe. :smiley:


@nihithsk23, codepen’s HTML section is a full body of html. You do not need to put <html> or <head> or <title> or <body>. Behind the scene they are added automatically by codepen when you make a new pen. So, you’ll just put your contents inside it.

Now, want a title to your project? look at the top-left, --Untitled-- click on it and make your own title here. Also you could add your own fb link to make it real and enjoy your work! :grinning:

As your first project based on your learning (1 week), this is fine. Continue learning, hope you will do better in your next project.

Thank you.

Also You don’t want always gives "id "s .id is used to differentiate unique attribute from the same type of attributes or from a class .As a rule of thumb we always make "id"s with in a class.

Keep it up!!

@thetradecoder Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and your feedback. I was just trying to check everything off of that list, that they had. Also, I wanted it to be as simple and basic as possible, so, I can understand it later.

I don’t have a facebook account, btw. Lol. I’ll try and create something better, though. Once again, thank you for your insights. Stay safe. :grin:

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@Deshanm123 Hey. Thanks a lot for that tip. I’ll make sure that I do it that way, the next time. I really appreciate your time and feedback. Stay safe. :blush: