Absolute Beginner with some Basic Questions

Hello guys,

I typed in “Learning Javascript Forum” and this what I came up with. Hopefully I’m in the right place.

I have some questions from an absolute beginner. I’ve tried to read some books but they tend to get too complex too quick and I get lost very early on.

I’m working on making my own game. I’m an artist so programming doesn’t come easy to me.

I need to use JavaScript in order for my character to move a certain way. I want my character to move like a chess piece. The character moves from one tile to another basically, a 48*48 pixel tile.

So I need to use a script call in order to do this as it’s not supported in the software I’m using. I have found a list of all possible script call here:

So here’s my question. Where do all of those script calls come from? I mean, for instance you have:

<!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}-->choices = []; params = [];
$gameMessage.setChoices(choices, 0)
choices.push("I love you1");choices.push("I love you2");
choices.push("I love you3");choices.push("I love you4");
choices.push("I love you5");choices.push("I love you6");
choices.push("I love you7");choices.push("I love you8");

Where does $gameMessage come from? Are they built-in the engine?

I don’t understand where all of those functions come from. Could someone explain it to me please?

Thank you for reading!

It appears you have stumbled across a library called RPG Maker MV.
I am not familiar with it enough to help with your problem, but I can answer your questions.

So here’s my question. Where do all of those script calls come from?

These script calls come from a code base written by somebody else that wrote functions and methods to make developing an RPG Game more intuitive.

Where does $gameMessage come from? Are they built-in the engine?

This is a function created by the library mentioned above. They are not built into the engine.

I recommend starting from scratch if JS is confusing to you, then creating a game off the bat might be a bit of an overwhelming task. If you spend time learning the fundamentals of JavaScript you will be a lot better off when you want to learn a library or framework.

If you want to avoid my advice, you could also continue this path and try diving into their forums at https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/rpg-maker-mv-script-call-list.46456/.

Check their documentation: https://kinoar.github.io/rmmv-doc-web/

Good luck!

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Thank you for the quick reply. I’m doing the Javascript course at the moment to help me better understand.

Thanks a lot for the link: https://kinoar.github.io/rmmv-doc-web/. I think this really will help.

So a library is a collection of code bases that we call and expand upon to meet our needs? Am I right?

I’m thinking line 82 seems to be my best bet in this case, “set movement route”. That seems like a safe bet.