Academic dishonesty

Hello everyone, moderators and administrators, after going through all the web design challenges , i was told to attempt five projects and i stupidly copied others link, so to go into java script as soon as possible.
Now, i am through with web design, and i wasn’t given a certification. i quickly researched and found out it was due top my academic dis-honesty. Now, i have taken a lot of time and put in the efforts to do the projects.
i have submitted my first tribute page, do you think i would be given the web certification after submitting my projects?

first, you can complete the challenges and projects in any order, you can just go to the curriculum that lists all the challenges and projects and open whichever you want

second, you never received the certification because you never claimed it: once you submit all the projects you can go to the settings and claim your certification
at this point I highly suggest you dedicate some time to make your own projects and claim certification only after you did all of them.

you may need to agree to the academic honesty pledge before claiming the certification, that in the settings too