Accepted a job offer as QA Analyst

Five days ago I got an offer for a full-time QA Analyst position. I’m starting in two days.

Why are you reading this? It is not a developer position. That is true, but part of the reason I got it is from the confidence gained working through FCC projects.

I last worked as a software engineer 17 years ago. I stayed at home to raise my family and about 7 years ago start my comeback to my profession. It did not go smooth. 4 years ago I finished 9 months of a full-time course for Web Development and not much changed with the job hunt. I had one part-time no web-based development gig. About 3 years ago I was on the opening day of FCC looking and listening to Quincy poring his heart to us for 8 straight hours. I joined FCC, that is created an account, but since I already finished course a year prior I did not know what to do with FCC. A year ago, out of desperation, I finished the course for Quality Assurance and start applying as a QA Analyst with the same success. Emails from Quincy kept coming and one from a kid from Toronto who went from 0 to $100k in less than a year got me. This May I started FCC for fun. I do not play games so FCC was my play time, my fun time, my relax from QA job hunt. I was on my Tic Tac Toe assignment when I got the email about the new curriculum. Decided to finish last two assignments, claim the old Front End certificate and then move to the new curriculum.

Started applying for the Front End and Full Stack developers job last Tuesday. Initially, 23 job applications were sent. Out of that 5 companies contacted me. Ove the weekend I finished Java assignment for one of them. On Monday finished phone interview with another, following up with the in-person interview on Tuesday. It was a Senior Front End developer position with the start-up. As I was going for the interview I got the offer for the QA Analyst 3 months contract position.

Thank you, Quincy. I’ll be back. You’ll get a contribution from my first paycheck.


That’s very inspiring, good luck with your new job.

This is a motivation for me not to give up !
Thank you @Joanna

Thak you @Henry.

One thing that I forgot to mention. For last month, whenever I talked to the recruiter or HR person the answer to what used to be a dreadful question in the past: “What have you been doing?” or “What are you doing now?” was:
I’m working on the JavaScript project.

On my resume for Front End / Full Stack developer statement for most recent work experience was:
May 2017 till present with the link to my CodePen portfolio. I believe that was the key for getting such a huge response in short 7 days that I was in the market for Web Development jobs.

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Thank you very much for sharing your experiences , i have really learn’t a lot.

Thank you

great tip on answering that question with finished projects :smiley:

thanks !

Congratulations, Joanna! Way to go! All the best…

Thank you @pradxj07.
I’m still getting calls from those initial set of 20 companies that I applied for.
One of them gave me a task to build within 48 hours. It was submitted less than 2 weeks ago. Two days ago they called me for the in-person interview. Another one from the list just contacted me today for the first time regarding the interview.
Do your projects and jobs will start coming your way.