***Access MultiDimensional Arrays With Indexes

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I don’t even know where to start on this lesson. The explanation given in this exercise is not at all straight-forward. In fact, most of the JavaScript lessons have been very confusing and poorly instructed.

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// Setup
var myArray = [[1,2,3], [4,5,6], [7,8,9], [[10,11,12], 13, 14]];

// Only change code below this line.
var myData = myArray[0][0];

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At which point in the description or instructions did it stop making sense to you? If we know what part didn’t click for you, then we can try explaining it differently. :slight_smile:

To return myData = 8, you need to access the 2nd element of the 3rd array in the array-of-arrays.

Right now you are setting myData to the 1st element of the 1st array.

In bracket notation, e.g. myArray[0][0], the first bracket points to the outer element, and the second bracket points to the inner element.

It gives me an example, and some instructions as to what it wants to see as a result, but it does not explain how to actually do it or what steps to take to properly come to a conclusion.

See now your explanation makes PERFECT sense! Thank You! The way its worded and presented on FCC makes no sense whatsoever to a complete beginner.