Access Property Names with Bracket Notation - question

Hi, I resolved following task but it took me a while, my question is how does it know that
foods[’’] is foods[scannedItem]?
I wanted to use this syntax foods[’’]=foods[scannedItem] and tried to loop it until foods[’’] <= foods.strawberry but it never worked. Could you explain this to me please?
Thank you

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let foods = {
apples: 25,
oranges: 32,
plums: 28,
bananas: 13,
grapes: 35,
strawberries: 27

function checkInventory(scannedItem) {
// Only change code below this line
return foods[scannedItem];
// Only change code above this line


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Challenge: Access Property Names with Bracket Notation

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can you show an example of this?

It doesn’t know that

are you asking where the value of scannedItem come from?

that is from the function call


all right, so without function call it would have to be done in my way? if it is possible first of all.
I tried something like that but it does not pass this condition: The foods object should have only the following key-value pairs: apples: 25 , oranges: 32 , plums: 28 , bananas: 13 , grapes: 35 , strawberries: 27 . The function returns correct values though.

function checkInventory(scannedItem) {
let y = 0;
while (y<6){
return foods[scannedItem];

foods[''] is not a meaningful expression. What do you think it means?

Well, I think it can match any keys in the object foods.

Not really. foods[''] doesn’t mean anything. It’s not valid JavaScript syntax - You get a syntax error when you try to do anything with that code.

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ok thanks for claryfiing this to me

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