Access token is required for this request

Access token is required for this request any help ?

Please provide some more information. We can’t possibly help otherwise.

i have problem I am getting an error message (Access token is required for this request) when trying to login or save my progress.
even after receiving sign in code and write it in the right place.
i never have access to my profile. please help

Where, on your freeCodeCamp account?

I will take that as a yes, I will move this to the support section.

Can you try using one of the other sign-up methods? Like Google or GitHub.

Edit: I just tested it using a temp mail account and it works for me. Make sure you didn’t copy any spaces with the code. It should look like this.


Also, note this

This code is valid for the next 15 minutes only.

i have screenshot




please reply take a look at the screenshots

Make sure you are not blocking any cookies or have any extensions installed that might be interfering with the authentication process. Maybe try it in a different browser as well.

If that doesn’t help you may have to mail the support

Or try using one of the other sign-up methods.

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