Accessibility Quiz #13 did I miss something?

In previous exercises in this category, you were taught that targeting an element within a header, the CSS format was:

header h1 {


However, step 13 in the accessibility quiz asks for the Unordered list within the nav. The hint they give is

nav > ul

I’m not sure where I was supposed to have learned that, or whether there was supplemental material or otherwise. Did I miss something?

I don’t know, I can’t go through every lesson and try to find where it might have been taught.

And FCC cannot be exhaustive - it can’t cover every … little … thing. It would take a years to finish. You are 1000% encouraged to do what real developers do - google it. Google “css selectors”. Use this as an opportunity to learn a little more about that subject. Use FCC as a framing device, but definitely do side quests. Get in the habit of googling. I’m a professional developer - on a “good” day, I only have to google 10 things.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m very appreciative of what FCC has taught me so far, and I now understand that it will have its limitations. As someone with a non-CS background, I always saw the ol’ “developers just Google stuff” as a meme, but I’ve done it so much already that I’m beginning to understand.

I’ll keep plugging away at it, but with a bit more help this time.

Looking through my google search history, about halfway through my work day, I see 7 work-related google searches on 3 different topics.

I was Googling this and so far nothing came up.
Searching for “>” elemnt doesn’t give much I’l be thankfull if you would give me a hint or a link to the definition.

Try googling “CSS selectors”. If you need more help than that, please open a new thread.

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