Accessibility...Quiz Step 16, ARIA EXPLANATION?

here’s some user feedback on the course:
explain what ARIA is and what uses it has before you’re asked to utilize the ‘aria-labelledby’ attribute. it’s jarringly different than any other html attribute and needs an explanation to the uninitiated. this project is supposed to be about learning accessibility, not just mimicking the prompts.
I feel like the biggest problems i’ve found with these courses is a lack of concise explanation for newly introduced concepts before you’re asked to utilize them in script.

I think you have a point here. Aria attributes were created specifically to deal with the limitations of HTML for people using assistive technology, primarily screen readers. It might be nice to explain that to people.

I have been meaning to go through the entire accessibility course step by step and seeing if any could use some improvement. This will definitely be on my list.

even a link to an external article would be sufficient.
Learn more about ARIA here: etc.

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