Accessibility training on h1 placement is wrong

As a blind user going through the accessibility design training, I was disappointed to see that the overall content here was pushing for the idea that h1 elements are to be placed within the header/banner sections of websites. For overall site usability with a screen reader, this is absolutely not the case. It is much easier to navigate a site and understand its contents when the h1 is placed directly at the top of the main section since semantically I jump to the h1 and then navigate normally to find the contents of the site. Landing on an h1 only to find that it exists directly above or next to the nav sections is really frustrating in overall a11y interaction, so this design thinking needs to be updated and changed in the accessibility design course here.

Thank you very much for holding us accountable regarding accessibility concerns. We do want to both teach and follow best practices that treat accessibility as a requirement, rather than an afterthought. It would be very helpful if you could open bug reports for any accessibility failures you find. Bugs can be reported as GitHub Issues in the freeCodeCamp repository.