Accessing Nested Arrays -- further questions

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// Setup
var myPlants = [
    type: "flowers",
    list: [
    type: "trees",
    list: [

// Only change code below this line

var secondTree = myPlants[1].list[1]; // Change this line

ok so I have a question.  Why can I not lookup by a notation like --->  var secondTree = myPlants[1][1][1]; to also access "pine"? 

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Because myPlants is an array of 2 objects.

// 1 refers to the 2nd element's index, so the 2nd object is being referenced.   

When you try:

// JS looks for a property called "1" in the 2nd object which does no exist, 
// so this returns undefined

When you go one step further:

// JS looks for a property called "1" on undefined, which results in a TypeError 
// because undefined does not have properties.