Accessing nested objects need help

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I’m getting an error, can anyone help?

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var myStorage = {
"car": {
  "inside": {
    "glove box": "maps",
    "passenger seat": "crumbs"
  "outside": {
    "trunk": "jack"
var gloveBoxContents =["inside"].glovebox;

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Challenge: Accessing Nested Objects

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var gloveBoxContents =["inside"].glovebox;

You only need bracket notation in two cases:

  1. The property name is stored in a variable.
  2. The property name is not a valid JS identifier (make up of letters, numbers, _, or $ and does not start with a number).

The first case is not an issue here, but we do have an issue with “glove box” - it is not a valid JS identifier because it has a space in it. You need to do what you did for “inside” for this property. But the “inside” property should just be dot notation.

When I do that, your code passes for me.

I did this and it still failed var gloveBoxContents =[glovebox];

That is closer. But you still have the problem with the “glove box”. The property name has a space in it, but you’ve done it as if it is a variable name. So, to make sure it hits the property in the array, it needs to be a string and that space needs to be in there.

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got it, ill put this in my notes so I’ll remember

You’re not the first to be confused by this. I used to work next two a couple junior devs that seemed constantly confused about this. I think as long as you understand what a valid JS identifier is and understand the two use cases I mentioned, it becomes clearer.


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