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// Setup
var myStorage = {
  "car": {
    "inside": {
      "glove box": "maps",
      "passenger seat": "crumbs"
    "outside": {
      "trunk": "jack"

// Only change code below this line

var gloveBoxContents =myStorage.["car"."inside"].glove box;

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help me plz

You are trying to use a mix of bracket and dot notation, but not correctly.

Let’s say we had the following object:

var myHouse = {
  "kitchen": {
    "refrigerator": {
      "top shelf": "milk",
      "door": "salad dressing"
    "oven": {
      "top rack": "casserole",
      "bottom rack": "chicken"

If I wanted to access “salad dressing” and wanted to just use bracket notation, I would write:

var food = myHouse["kitchen"]["refrigerator"]["door"];

If I wanted to use just dot notation, I would write:

var food =;

If wanted to use a mix of bracket and dot notation I would write:

var food = myHouse["kitchen"].refrigerator["door"];
// OR
var food = myHouse["kitchen"]["refrigerator"].door;
// OR
var food =["refrigerator"].door;

If the property you are trying to reference has a name with spaces in it, then you MUST use bracket notation for that particular property. For example, if I wanted to use a mix of dot and bracket notation to access “chicken” in myHouse, then I would have to write:

var food =["bottom rack"];

Now see if you can use the correct syntax to get the contents of “glove box”