Accessing server from PC

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Usually you would just SSH into it.


Any integrations with VS Code?

I don’t use VS Code, so I’ve never looked. I do think that it provides an option for an integrated terminal though, which you should be able to run an SSH session from.

For what it’s worth, my preferred tool for SSH etc from Windows is MobaXTerm.

I have MobaXTerm and FileZilla both set up. Though I don’t remember exactly how I did it since it was nearly 5 months ago. I have Filezilla on SFTP and MobaXTerm I don’t know.

For VS Code I was wondering if it was possible to edit the files directly in the editor.

You could do something like an NFS mount and have VSCode installed locally, or you could have VSCode installed on your development server and just use X11 to run it.

I don’t really understand that part but thanks for the replies.

You want to download something like PuTTTY then you’ll want to create an SSH key. You’ll have to probably learn your way around a Linux shell.

If you want to just upload files to your website use an FTP like filezilla

orrrrrrrr if you have a VPS with a host, typically they have root terminal on their website that you can just access.

Thanks! For now I’m using Git which I didn’t know they supported (or I think I did but ignored it).

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