Accidentally created a new account

Hi. The (new?) login screen prompted me to enter my email and a verification code to either sign in or sign up. I’ve recently changed my email, and couldn’t remember if I’d updated this account. I put the new email in, assuming some kind of “can’t find that address, do you want to create a new account?” message would appear if I hadn’t already changed it. Instead, it just created a new account with that address. How can I get that account deleted, so I can update the address on my original account?

At the very bottom of your settings page is The Danger Zone. You can delete your account there.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to delete the new account, but can’t find where to change my email on my original account. Could you guide me?

I don’t think that changing your email is supported in the settings page right now. I’m not sure whether there is a plan to add this or not. You can go exploring the GitHub to try to find out if it’s a planned feature.

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