Accidentally deleted a codepen and what you should do

If you accidentally deleted a pen, created by yourself for some of the challenges (like ‘Build a Tribute Page’), you can only start from scratch. Call it ‘404 situation’ and drink some cold water, maybe two. No backups in general, unless you go to your ‘Dashboard’, click on the pen and then in the upper right corner click on ‘Fork’. This creates a fresh copy of the pen, so when you made a mistake and delete the original, you have the copy - just go to the corresponding challenge and re-enter the address of the copy. Eventually you must add the code changes which weren’t saved … That’s it …

I call ya later, alligators, if found some other issues :love_you_gesture:

Sounds like a good reason to develop locally and use Git. :wink:


If we accept that all of freeCodeCamp lessons should be taken sequentially, then why Git is in ‘Back End Development’ instead of placed in first called ‘Backup everything’? btw I was using CVS and SVN before goin’ on Git (Fossil is better than Git :tongue: )

Same here. I deleted my one-weeks effort by mistake. And yes, I am drinking some cold water now.

Codepen actually allows you to download the code as a project. But on the whole, the quicker you can stop using Codepen the better. Developing on an text editor / IDE is actually a lot easier.


There are two kinds of people: one’s who not yet doing backups and one’s who already doing backups.

Loosing code by accidentally deleting it without any chance to recover it’s quite fun just because if you have to rewrite the code, you will discover your new code code will be much better then the deleted one. :smile: