Accidentally Passed URL Shortener Project

Hello freeCodeCamp Team!

Are the tests working correctly for the URL Shortener project? I put in my project URLs from Glitch and GitHub before my project is finished just to learn about the test cases, and somehow I passed even though it is definitely not meeting the requirements. I haven’t even started coding two of the requirements - returning a shortened URL and redirecting when the shortened URL is visited.

It doesn’t seem like the tests are even hitting my server as I’m logging requests to the console, but don’t see any being logged from the freeCodeCamp tests.


Tom Monks

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It seems to be the same with the Exercise Tracker project as well.

Okay, after some more thorough searching of the forum, I found some answers to this… in case it helps anyone else:


Similar here. I had coded the first half of returning a shortened URL, but not the second half of redirecting the user when they use the shortened URL. I just wanted to see at least a few test cases pass, since it was late and I had put a lot of work into it. I was expecting to fail the last test cases. Instead, it said it was all successful. Imagine my surprise. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, it surprised me too! The two back-end testers I mentioned above have been working great for me, and I’ve now done 9 of the 10 projects for the APIs & Microservices and Infosec & QA certifications. I ran into a weird error in the last test for the Stock Price Checker project, but created a remix that fixes the bugs in that test here:

Thanks. I used the tester for the exercise tracker. It helped me to realize that I was returning a one-member array, instead of just the user object with the log.

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I tried using these links to test my URL shortening app, where the creation part works fine, but the redirection part shows error. IDK whats that. But when I manually check, redirection works fine. Could you help me find the error!?

Code link :
Live app :