Accidentally submitted product page multiple times.. now credited with all five html projects

Just submitted my product page for the html certificate.
When I tried the first time, the progress bar paused at 60%.
I resubmitted the url, and this time got to 80%.
A few more resubmits, and it got up to 100%
Now my progress chart says that I’ve also submitted the technical documentation and portfolio page as well. (I haven’t done this).
Not sure what to do.

Welcome, AndyMacQ.

Could you expand more on what steps you did to reproduce this?

Are you aware that once you click the I’ve completed this challenge button, a modal pops up, where you click Submit and go to next…. Once you do that, the next project page is presented? So, if you resubmit the same link, it will go through. Does this sound like what happened?

That sounds like what happened. I guess the extra submissions can be cleared.
I am surprised that the product page project passed the other two tests.

Yes. You can resubmit, as many times as you like. If you go to your settings, you will be able to see your current submissions (scroll down to the Certifications section):

Just to clarify: For the Frontend section of the curriculum, the submissions are not tested, when being submitted. It is up to you to provide the correct link, and to use the test-suite within your project to see the tests.

Also, it is recommended that you leave the test suite active within your project, because there is potential for your project being audited, and any plagiarised/fake work would result in a certification being revoked.

That being said, do not worry about having miss-submitted links. As you work your way through the curriculum, you can resubmit with the work you want to reflect your profile.

There is more information on the above linked settings page in the Academic Honesty section.

I hope this helps

Thanks. I’ve posted the project to a free web host site and resubmitted the project using that link.
(I also figured out how to add the test scripts so that the projects checks itself. I’ll have to go back and check my previous submissions to ensure they work).