Account hacked?!

All of my progress is lost, my picture is gone and a weird username has replaced my username (fccaaf697e1). I’m really frustrated as I just started a week ago and this is my second go around and I hate how all my progress is lost and I’m afraid I got hacked. Anyone have any ideas?

As far as I know, you aren’t able to change your user name at the point you’ve linked your FCC account to your GitHub account (at least I’m not).
Are you sure you are in your old account and not in a new one? Have you tried to login through email or via GitHub?

I created the account with my email address and then created a github account. I checked and i received a welcome email on May 15 when I started to my email asking me to verify to ensure that was how I created my account. My github account is still there too, but all of my progress on my FCC disappeared, my pic changed and that weird username was there and I don’t know where it came from. I tried logging out and logging back in using email and github–same results

I would check to the method of login you have used. I did the same thing and didn’t realized I was logged in under a different account than the original I logged in with and it threw me off.

It’s the correct user account :frowning: i initially signed up with and was working under my email address.

You should contact the support then, they are the only ones who have insight in this: