Account has been flagged on Github

So for the past couple of weeks, I have been going through the Beta site to access the newer materials and also help report any bugs present in the testing or presentation of the challenges there. I have submitted about 15 so far. Today, after I submitted a new bug using the Github site, I now see the attached screenshot of a message at the top of my Github pages:

I sent Github a message to ask why, but have not yet heard back. Anyone else experience this?

Turns out that their spam-bot was being too aggressive. They removed the flag on my account…

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Yes it happened to my account too and you have to send request to or
wait about 1-2 days.
I am still unlocking my account it’s been 2 days, after I did what they asked I haven’t heard today from GitHub :frowning:

Same thing - spam bot going nuts !

But Mine took just a few minutes! :slight_smile:

I received the following email just a couple of minutes after sending the request:

Hi Rahul,

Sorry for the hassle! It looks as though our bots mistook your account for spam, but they were clearly wrong.

I’ve cleared that flag now, so your account should be back to normal. You shouldn’t see that message again, but do let me know if there’s ever anything else I can do to help!