Account Not Found or Duplicated Credentials?

I logged in today, May 31, 2018, with the new FC site look (looks different!).
However, I am a bit confused about whether or not if my lessons progress has been saved or not.

  1. On the curriculum section, I can see lessons that are checked and on light-green font. Is this the progress record from my progress on the previous site layout?

  2. I see lessons that have been inserted without a check mark. Are those new lessons added to this site version?

  3. In the beginning, the site could not find my username (juar0008). I created a new account with the same username. That seemed to have brought back my past record. Could you verify that I don’t have a duplicated account please?

  4. Where could I see my overall points? I think I am down to 107 or something, but surely I am not looking on the right area. Scores couldn’t have been wiped out, could they ?

  5. Is the MAP section not available anymore? That was a good progress tool for me.




You will need to email for this.

Your points are on your portfolio. You can go to your settings and click “Show me my public portfolio” or find it at

Buttons labeled “curriculum” open the new map-ish view. The design isn’t final. The team decided to make a big update with the curriculum changes and the re-architecture of site. Expect incremental improvements to the UI to be rolling out over time once the fires are put out.

Thanks for the attending to my questions so promptly. I will continue enjoying the new and improve site! I will also email the team to check the duplicate scenario.