Accountability Group

I’ve decided to restart all my progress and restart from the beginning of the lessons since I haven’t been too active over the past 6 months.

I made it all the way to the JavaScript courses before I started to derail so if there’s anyone out there looking to start the program or hasn’t progressed too far yet, let me know!

Let’s start an accountability group and keep each other on track!


I’m down for that- I just started today. Have never coded but enjoying the process so far.

Coding seems to be a lot of analysis, critical thinking.

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@RadDevDad I’m on the same boat. I finished all the challenges a few years back, but then there was only HTML, CSS, and JS. I jumped off for a bit to learn other Digital Marketing stuff (SEO, Google Tools, etc.). Now I’m back, restarted my progress, I think just last month.

Sure will like to join this accountability group

I’d like to be part of it. I too have abandoned FCC to do something else (currently I’m learning Python as self-taught and sometimes I do other languages ​​including JS) and I’d like to go back to the beginning to better consolidate the basic.

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I’ll add you all to a group message for now!

I would like to join an accountability group as well.

i’m in. I really need this.

I’ll add you both to the discussion we’re having about it atm in pm’s

Hey, I would like to join this group as well

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I’m in. I also made it to end of javascript algorithms back then.

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I’d absolutely love this. I’m all the way in. I just restarted my JavaScript course and derailed right after the basics, which happened to be the same day FCC had issues with the site. Now I’m having a hard time picking up where I left off. Please add me to the group.

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I would like to join.

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I went ahead and added you all to the group message we’re all in!

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Hi, add me up please

Yes, I recently started over as well. Please add me!

I’ve completed the HTML/CSS courses so far and am looking to start JavaScript soon, I’d like to be added as well!

I’d like to join as well please!

You’ve all been invited to our group. :sunglasses:

DO you have room for one more? (at some point ya prob’ly gotta just close the door…)… oh, nix that there’s a more recent posting :wink: