Accountability/Motivation Group

I am looking for one or two other people who I can form a group with to help with accountability. It’s hard to motivate myself to learn to code when there are so many distractions. I can’t be the only person out there that has this problem and I want to fix it. I want to team up with someone(s) who will help to keep me accountable and a place to share my successes, failures, and problems with this journey.

What this group will be:

  • Have someone to check in with and talk about your successes, struggles, and problems with learning to code
  • Be support for each other when needed
  • Keep each other accountable in this journey we are all on
  • Need to vent? Sure, go ahead.

Interesting! That’s a good idea

I can understand this myself. However, it’s sort of part of coding and programming. It’s a pretty monotonous task in itself. You have to be able to fight through that sometimes but I do like the idea of a group! We could make a Slack group where we have projects based around skill level, and have people present what they could make and such.

I myself have been playing with code and development for a few years now and know enough to share some things I suppose, so why not?

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What exactly are you learning? I’m also interested in a small group that can help motivate me and just make the whole learning process more enjoyable.

I do all JavaScript and I know a bit of Python. I am interested in learning Go as well but let’s start a slack or something?

Can’t post links yet on these forums so can’t invite ppl to the Slack I made lol. Crap.

Sounds good, Slack or Discord?

Currently python, JavaScript, and react. I like the idea of a slack or discord server that someone mentioned that we can all talk in.

Got that slack or discord server running yet?

@M4rni3 I do have a slack created but sadly these forums won’t let me post links yet.