Accountability partner for 100DaysOfCode

Looking for like minded individuals who want to commit to 100 Days of Code. I want to start before the new year and remain consistent. We can share resources and learning information. Contact me if interested, let’s make 2022 a year of learning!


I think I’m up for this, Rico. I always get daunted by this kind of hard commitment but it’s great timing for me with my course starting in late Jan. I’ll message you.


@rico042002 @Karoline in case you missed New Free Bootcamps Based on freeCodeCamp – Learn JavaScript & Web Development with Weekly Live Streams, it will help to find many more people in same boat


Oh, this is great and I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks Vikram

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I’m interested in this challenge

I’m in … I’ve started and stopped like a zillion times. This seems like a nice challenge, bring it on.

Drop me a DM, I’ve had the same problem, I think this will be my fourth attempt.

So I have (what others would call) a coding “issue” regarding learning and getting a career. I tried several languages since 2014 starting w/ Python because it was easy to read and took a class at a local college that was good. Really good, but I didn’t keep up. Then tried again a few years later and passed it.

Having said that, after a few Udemy courses and self teaching JS/React, I decided to stick w/ the best language for me which is C#. It’s the most robust and useful (Unity for game dev) and can build apps in Xamarin and its super easy and fun to learn and read. But in terms of learning issues, I need someone who knows to code to be a bit of a mentor. I can hold myself accountable w/ out a problem. The issue is understanding certain syntax w/ a teacher. Why certain things do what they do.

For example, this keyword in JS lol. I mean, what? I know its a reference but the way its used is super weird and complex. So that’s what I need.

whenever you have a specific question you can opena thread in this forum, it’s here for exactly this reason!

Yes true thank you. In that case:

In my recent Udemy JS bootcamp, I am learning the ‘this’ keyword and even the instructor says its brave to us it. What is the basic need for it? Why does it go in the Console.Log() parameters? I don’t get it.

Again, please open a new thread for your question. Please provide as much context and any code that you can.