Accountability partner for 100DaysOfCode

Looking for like minded individuals who want to commit to 100 Days of Code. I want to start before the new year and remain consistent. We can share resources and learning information. Contact me if interested, let’s make 2022 a year of learning!


I think I’m up for this, Rico. I always get daunted by this kind of hard commitment but it’s great timing for me with my course starting in late Jan. I’ll message you.


@rico042002 @Karoline in case you missed New Free Bootcamps Based on freeCodeCamp – Learn JavaScript & Web Development with Weekly Live Streams, it will help to find many more people in same boat


Oh, this is great and I wasn’t aware of it. Thanks Vikram

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I’m interested in this challenge

I’m in … I’ve started and stopped like a zillion times. This seems like a nice challenge, bring it on.

Drop me a DM, I’ve had the same problem, I think this will be my fourth attempt.