Accountability partner

Anyone here wanna do the curriculum with me? I’m willing to work on this 5-6 days a week and get through as much as possible. If anyone interested in joining me on this journey please reply asap :). Have a great day.

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I’m down if you still want a partner

Hey bro. Are you just starting? Where are you on the curriculum at the moment ?

I am in the javascript course rn. hbu.

Also check on Frontend Mentor channel as well, you will find more liked minded learners.

I’m still on the web design portion. Does that need to be completed before I go to the JavaScript part?

Thanks man. Where do I find that channel? I’m not sure how to navigate this site as yet.

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There is no ‘channel’ here for Front End Mentor. Vikramvi just likes to strongly recruit for that website here.


Just to clarify some things about my strong liking about “Frontend Mentor” website

  1. After spending 18 years with QA ( SDET ), I had decided to move to developer role for better salary and job security as well

  2. I had spent whole of 2021 just to learn front end technologies, but didn’t understand how to build simple website

  3. Accidently I have found “Frontend Mentor” website, which gives clear path for new students after learning basics of HTML, CSS and JS

So from my own experiences building loads of projects is the only way to master any technology.

That time I had suggest Matt ( CEO of FM website ) to talk with @QuincyLarson to have close integration between 2 platforms.

I do NOT gain any financial benefits or any other form of benefits by promoting FM here.

I just want new students not to repeat mistakes I did in 2021 and waste their precious time and energy.

You’ve been very clear about why you recruit heavily for them. I just don’t believe in any resource working amazing for everyone.

Thanks for the heads up.

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