Activate dark editor window

Its obvious everyone here has their own reservations about the new freeCodeCamp update.
I have mine too. My concern might seem trivial, but I’d like to know if there’s a way to make the editor window have a dark theme?
Has anyone achieved that?
Is that even possible?

I have not been able to achieve that either, nor to unsubscribe from the newsletter

A dark theme has not been created for the new site. It will be coming soon.

Thanks. That’s reassuring!

lol…You know you can easily block all emails from them, right?
I find them useful sometimes, plus its a weekly newsletter so not enough to annoy me to want to unsubscribe.

Hello Hassan. I of course know that work-around, but that button on the settings page is not functioning properly and I think it would be nicer if it were fixed, because otherwise the button is not needed. =)
I would actually like to receive the newsletter, I was just clicking around and finding this issue. :slight_smile:

Guess we’ll have to wait for all bug fixes to be done.
Please check this out and leave a reply. :slight_smile: