Active Programming Forums or Groups

Hey guys.
Can you please help me find active websites (like stack overflow), groups (like in discord or Facebook) or forums (like fcc forum) where I can join in and ask questions?

Thank you.

There are a number of subbreddits that are pretty active (although I find that they have the Reddit Problem and tend to avoid them, myself). Some libraries and frameworks have active communities on other platforms: Gitter, Slack, Discord, and even still IRC. The only one I have enough experience to recommend is the Angular room on Gitter.

Right here on FCC is good for all kinds of programming chat and questions, from general to specific, and as AL mentioned, reddit/discord/IRC are good resources for more specific libraries. StackOverflow is a great read-only resource, but I have neither the patience nor masochism required to ask questions there anymore.

Can you guys give me some specific names?