AD on freeCodeCamp!?

It’s been a while I am using freeCodeCamp. It is really nice to have these resources for free.

Since not everyone can donate to this website, how would it be if there is a TAB section in the menu where one could volunteerily watch ADS or click on ADS to support freeCodeCamp?

Is it possible for this system to work properly without any issues?

Feel free to share your opinion on this proposal…

people who do not join but review content as guests already see ads
(but campers are not shown them)

to be precise, both the forum and our news platform have ads for not-logged in users

yeah, but wouldn’t it be nice if users also view ads (voluntarily) to contribute?

all you have to do is log off and you can voluntarily view the ad. (is what we are saying)

I see… I will do that.

Member of the staff here.

Firstly, thanks a lot for thinking about supporting us – it’s very kind of you.

Please do NOT watch ads exclusively to support us.

While you can watch ads to support us indirectly, it would take tens of thousands of such views to generate only a couple of US dollars.

Instead, we want you to enjoy the resources freeCodeCamp provides without feeling guilty. You are not alone in this.

Donate one, two, or ten years from now when you can do so. It is OK to feel not obligated (even subconsciously). This is called “paying it forward” if you are curious.

When you watch a video on YouTube from our channel, we encourage you to engage with it (like, share, subscribe, and comment); that helps us a lot. When you find an article you enjoyed, please share it with your friends; that helps too.

Trying to actively watch ads would be a wasteful use of your time and may hurt our rankings (Google and other ad-serving agencies are aggressive about behavior that try to game their systems).

Enjoy the resources & share them with others – if you want to support them indirectly!

Happy coding!


I understood, thank you :heart:

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