Ada Lovelace Tribute Page


This is my tribute page I would really appreciate your thoughts on what can be improved.

Thank you

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Now, this is what I was talking about earlier here !!!

Great job on putting a nice tribute page about someone that I didn’t personally know anything about. In the meantime, you have definitely put some work in and made it a bit different with everything that you have learned.

The ONLY thing I would suggest is maybe not center everything but that’s just me :slight_smile: because I am not a big fan of stuff being centered in the middle of the page.

Other than that, everything looks great.

Good luck and welcome to FCC !

Thank you for your kind feedback, much appreciated! I’ll definitely take it on board☺️

All the best!

Hi. I am a novice and trying out Codepen and working on a tribute page. This is excellent and I hope to do as well.

I am a fan of John Crowley. he wrote ‘Little, Big’, one of my favorite books. He also wrote a book about Ada Lovelace. You may have read it but if not, it’s there in the world to read.

Good luck! and thank for reminding History there are women in it.


@bonheur Thank you for reviewing my tribute page and for your kind words :blush:

Ah fantastic, I will definitely add it to my reading list.

All the best.

Nice touch with the button at the end!