Adaptability on cellphone

hi, I have a question how i addapt the screen to see on in cellphones? , because i dont know know how to do it and dont undesrtand the tutorials from internet.
thank you have a good day.

You can make it responsive. Make the nav bars vertical, less padding/margins, smaller font-sizes. Lots of good tutorials online.

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this is my code for the last proyect, some parts look good but other not so use media queries. The first example on the site is very useful. Also you’ll want to add the query at the end of your css so they override other css when needed.

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I would suggest some things:

  1. The nav bar should have a background to it as when you’re scrolling it kind of blends in with the words.
  2. You should probably put the text above the pictures, not on it because it makes it harder to read.
  3. Maybe center-align the video?
  4. You should change the cursor to pointers for the select buttons.
  5. People should be able to type in the input.

That’s all I can think of right now :+1:

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